Final Project Reports

Automatic Data Generation for SORNet: PROPS Relation Dataset

Jace Aldrich, Ariana Verges Alicea, and Hannah Ho

GrapeRob - A Grape Localization Pipeline for Automated Robotic Harvesting

Advaith Balaji and Isaac Madhavaram

Enhance Distilled Feature Field for Better Language Grounding

Yinong He, Yixiang Dai, and Huijie Tang

OD-VOS: Object Detection for Video Object Segmentation

Omer Benharush, Sarah Chan, Jack Kernan, and Max Rucker

Choosing how to Grasp the Ungraspable

Jason Brown, Eli Fox, Jacob Harrelson, and Srushti Hippargi

Speech2Mesh: Generate 3D Printable Mesh with Speech Prompts

Trushant Adeshara, Kajal Awasthi, Pannaga Sudarshan, and Saket Pradhan

Improving Masked Autoencoders by Testing the Viability of Different Features and Adding GAN

Jirong Yang, Fangyi Dai, and Vaibhav Gurunathan

Classification Mislabeling (ClaM)

Chancellor Day, Zack Vega, Meha Goyal, and Tucker Moffat

Collision Avoidance using Depth Anything for Advanced Rider Assistance System (ARAS)

Zesen Zhao, Anup Bagali, Kanishka Gabel