3   Paper Reproduction

The goal for this deliverable is to practice the skills needed to reproduce the results of existing research. For this deliverable, your team should choose a paper related to deep learning and robot perception that you find interesting and reproduce at least one quantitative or qualitative result published in the original paper. You are not required to reproduce the paper your team presented on.

Useful Resources

  • The Seminar Papers: The collection of seminar papers was chosen to give broad coverage within deep learning for robot perception. The papers from this list can serve as great subjects for your final project.

  • Papers With Code: A repository tracking public codebases associated with published papers and datasets in machine learning.

Paper Reproduction Deadline

The Paper Reproduction is due Friday, April 21st by 11:59PM EST. Students in DeepRob should submit their paper reproduction along with the other final project deliverables (algorithmic extension and written report) as a ZIP file via email to the course instructor. Your submission should be documented and organized such that the course staff can replicate your reported results.