5   Written Report

The goal for this deliverable is to share the findings of your research in the form of a written paper with peers in the field.

Expected Report Format

Student teams in DeepRob should complete a written report documenting their paper reproduction and algorithmic extension as part of the final project. The project report should include the following sections: a paper abstract, an introduction, a related work section, a section describing your algorithmic extension, your experimental setup and results, and finally a conclusion. Final reports are expected to be 4-6 pages, not including references. Students are expected to typeset their reviews using LaTeX in IEEE conference style. A LaTeX report template is provided for your convenience. You may write your review collaboratively using online LaTeX tools, such as Overleaf.

Useful Resources

Report Deadline

The written report is due Friday, April 21st by 11:59PM EST. Students in DeepRob should submit their written report along with the other final project deliverables (paper reproduction and algorithmic extension) as a ZIP file via email to the course instructor.